To celebrate support tax-free week, Mayor Bloomberg went to the Rego Park, Queens Sears and bought a denim jacket with a faux fur collar. Hot. Oh, wait, it's for one of his daughters; who knows what Gothamist would have done to see Bloomby in a denim jacket with a faux fur collar? Anyway, the New York Times reports that the jacket was $29.99, marked down from $40, and then the Mayor tried to apply for a Sears card to take advantage of a further discount, but he wasn't approved immediately. In his press release about this year's tax-free week, the Mayor says:

I am very pleased that we are able to roll back our share of the sales tax to give New Yorkers a break with their back-to-school and back-to-work shopping. I encourage everyone to take advantage of additional discounts which apply to clothing, shoes and even school uniforms. I am also pleased that the entire sales tax on clothing and footwear will sunset at the beginning of June, 2004.

Sunset? Gothamist thinks that's an overly romantic way of saying "will end." The tax was increased (and implemented once again on clothing unver $110) because of the city's budget issues. You can see what items are exempt from sales tax with this PDF.