If you were excited that the proposed payroll tax cut (which is getting a test vote later today) would put a little extra money in your pocket next year, the Daily News has some bad news: the $67 to $178 a month you'll be saving will just go to things like fare hikes and parking meters. And though you would be left even more broke without the tax cuts, people are still complaining. One financial planner said, "It sounds like you'll be able to live a better life—but when you work it out, it doesn't create any new disposable income."

The News calculates that $100 will go to health care premiums, $30 to MetroCard fare hikes, $27 for rent increases and more for parking, food and expensive 3D movies. But though times are tough, Bloomberg tactfully told everyone to just shut up already. He said of Obama, "Leadership is about doing the possible, not sitting around and waiting for the perfect. He says, ‘Look, this is what I did, this is the best I can do. Suck it up.'" So just leave Obama alone! Bloomberg also said, "Democrats now, and Republicans then, spent more time and energy conducting partisan warfare than forging centrist solutions to our toughest economic problems." Like thoughts on the FDNY crash tax charging people for car crash assistance.