Look forward to seeing some either John Shaft or Popeye Doyle lookalikes running around the city, because the tax breaks that the city and state put into place to lure more film & TV business have paid off. If you think that NBC deciding to a shoot a pilot here, versus Toronto, about 1970's police officers called NY70 is a pay-off. NBC President Jeff Zucker said, "We decided to go ahead and commit to doing it in New York. If it goes to series, we will shoot it in New York City." He said doing it - heh! We love it when NYC actors and unions get business, especially if it means streets are blocked and we can peer at the craft service table. And Gothamist is pretty curious about the show: If Michael Mann were producing it, we'd be confident, but we're wary that the 1970s timeframe could open it up to stupidity. Unless it's a Starsky and Hutch kind of show. Anyway, the Post reported Councilman David Yassky as saying, "Without a tax credit to defray the costs of production in the city, producers would continue to film in Los Angeles and Canada." But Gothamist would like to say we still love Los Angeles and Toronto very much - just not as much as NYC.

Gothamist on NYC in the 1970s.