Liz Wallenberg; Photo: NY Post

In need of an original tattoo design? Park your ass or desired body part on a Con Ed manhole. That's not exactly what Liz Wallenberg did on Wednesday night, but that seemed to be the result. Skateboarding to a friend's show, she hit a bump in the road at 13th St. and 2nd Ave. After landing on the manhole, she felt the heat and then heard some sizzling, "I noticed it was kind of hot, but I didn't realize how bad it was until my skin started to sizzle." Mmm, mmm, nothing quite like burning flesh!

Wallenberg, a Williamsburg resident, said that the doctor at Beth Israel believed that a lot of the burn would scar permanently. She is considering legal action against Con Ed, which is now partially burnt onto her back. Wallenberg, a receptionist and DJ, is described by the Post as a 26 year old skateboarder. Note to the Post from Gothamist: no describing people as skateboarders unless they are Tony Hawk, et al.

Con Ed last came under fire for the death of Jodie Lane when she was electrocuted in the East Village. Gothamist on Jodie Lane.