Yesterday, In Touch showed off exclusive photographs of a middle-aged NJ woman. This would not be news but for the fact that the woman is Patricia Krentcil, the woman addicted to tanning to the point of looking like she baked herself in maple syrup then sprayed wood finish over herself. Krentcil told the magazine, "Everyone says I look so much better less tan. I feel weird and pale."

Krentcil was charged with child endangerment after her six-year-old daughter—who had a bad sunburn—told a school nurse that her mom took her tanning. Krentcil denied actually taking her daughter into the tanning bed with her at the salon, but her outrageous addiction to tanning and extroverted personality turned her into a national punchline. But now she looks... normal!

The 44-year-old added, "I’ve had moments where I’ve felt like, ‘I need to be tan.’ And I did all the spray tans and lotions and creams, too — anything to get dark... Once a doctor told me to stop tanning. But I didn’t listen to him. I wanted to be dark. I like looking like I just got back from vacation."

Krentcil says she's done with her hardcore tanning, which means NJ tanning salon owners may be weeping—or just taking down their "Do Not Let Her In" posters.