2005_10_tammy.jpgGood mornin', good mornin', Gothamist is getting a Debbie Reynolds vibe this morning. Short-lived tropical storm Tammy, along with a frontal system approaching from the west, will be bringing us quite a bit of rain the next couple of days. Showers are expected to start this afternoon. The rain will become steady overnight and we should get a good soaking tomorrow.

Normal rainfall for October is 3.85 inches and we could see that much tomorrow alone. That's more rain than we've had in two months and enough for the Weather Service to issue a flood watch for the area. They should be able to get tonight's Yankees-Angels game in, but the weather for tomorrow afternoon's game is iffy. On the bright side, there probably won't be any lines at the Shake Shack tomorrow!

Our positive temperature anomalies (ooh, sorry, nerded out there for a second), warm weather may be coming to an end. Once the rain passes it should be cooler. We may experience something Tuesday morning that hasn't happened since May 25th –low temperatures in the 40s. Brrrr.