051208newyorker.jpgHas anyone else out there found their New Yorker subscription arriving later and later in the week? We're pitifully elated if it's in our mailbox before Thursday, and on more than one occasion it hasn’t even been delivered until the following week. Sure, there's content online, but you can't bring that on the subway!

Apparently, we are not alone; even prominent Manhattan residents like Jessica Coen have been suffering – she wrote last week, "It's Friday, and unless it arrived in my mailbox while I've been at the office, I have yet to receive the latest New Yorker. This is the second week this has happened in the past month, kindasortanotreally..."

Since complaining to friends hasn't yet resolved the crisis, we finally called in to the New Yorker’s customer service department, who promised us 4 free issues just for bitching, and suggested we take it up with our local postmaster. You can bet we’re going to get right on that. In the meantime, please let us know how late your issue usually comes.

Image of New Yorker cover courtesy Gary Amaro; designed for the Eustace Tilley cover contest.