Ooh, Circle Line Cruises is looking to start high-speed ferry service between Manhattan and LaGuardia by midyear, according to the NY Times. Details: Every half hour and for $25, the ferry will take you between Pier 11 in Wall Street and near the Marine Air Terminal in just 30 minutes. There's been a tortured history of trying to establish ferry service between Manhattan and the airports, given the expenses to try to establish service and to build terminals, plus the uncertainty of running a ferry service at all (the Delta Water Shuttle ended 4 years ago); the Port Authority has been looking into offering ferry service, besides the Lower East Side to JFK link. Circle Line hopes that knowing it'll take 30 minutes will be the most attractive selling point, given the unpredictable nature of midtown and Queens expressway traffic.

Would you take a downtown ferry to the airport? If you've been taking the Air Train to JFK, how has that been working out for you? Gothamist likes the idea of going to the airport via ferry (we're pretty into any kind of public transport to the airport), because there's something romantic about it. We think it will be an idea downtown business people might take a cotton to, especially if the ferries offer Wi-Fi and they can get work done on the way.