2006_09_breastfeeding.jpgToys R Us cannot live down the tempest in a nursing bra cup. Last week, breastfeeding mother Chelsi Meyerson claimed employees at the Times Square store harassed her to stop nursing her son in the store, urging her to move to a private room.

While the store said that its employees did not harrass her and only offered her "opportunity to breastfeed in a private area designated for this purpose in the Times Square store" (per a letter from the store manager, Mindy Clements), this didn't stop mothers from staging a nurse-in yesterday. While the actual number of mothers and babies are conflicting (the Post counts 40 while the Daily News says 300 showed), it was an opportunity ripe for mothers to yell at the Toys R Us employee who tried to give them water and Cheerios and to tell their own horror stories. From the Daily News:

"I was at a Petco and they told me to go to the bathroom because it was making the customers uncomfortable," said Jessica Pierre, 30. "I told them, 'You don't eat lunch in the bathroom and neither will my daughter.'"

Meyerson's main request is that employees know that NY State law allows women to breastfeed in public. And earlier this week, United Airlines apologized to a breastfeeding mother, after a flight attendant tried to make her cover herself with an airline blanket. The mother was already turned to a window with a blanket over her and her baby, plus the baby's grandmother was sitting next to her.