The Post's Julia Szabo points out an upsetting fact, prompted by the upcoming warm weather: Many people leave their apartment windows open, which leads to their cats falling out. Called High-Rise Syndrome, the ASPCA encourages apartment dwellers with cats to get screens from their windows, as cats may accidentally fall out. One reason may be due to their ability to focus on an object (a bird, another cat in a window across the way), they may not pay attention to their footing (pawing?) and fall. Plus, falls from the first to third stories can be as dangerous as ones from much higher. The ASPCA says to take your cat to the vet immediately after a fall, even the cat seems okay, to make sure there aren't any internal injuries.

Cats don't always land on all four feet. And don't go experimenting about it either. Our aunt's cat fell out her fifth story Hong Kong apartment window and died; Aunt C claimed the cat was depressed, looking for her friend, the family dog (who actually went to live with our cousin in California). That may well be, but, people, please be careful!