After five kids at Millennium High School were rushed to the hospital yesterday after drinking blue water from the water fountains, officials have tested the water supply and so far have found no signs of contamination. The students said the water inside the downtown school made them feel nauseous around 11:30 a.m., and were transported to New York Downtown Hospital and are expected to make a full recovery. FDNY Deputy Chief John Bley told DNAinfo, “A couple of them vomited, but they were fine when we arrived."

New York Film Academy Senior Director David Klein commented yesterday that the students were at the Millennium school for the NYFA summer program, but the water came from the Millennium School. He also said, "We have since received a report that the water temporarily turned blue as a result of copper piping, and the students will experience no long standing effects." Last month, 75 students from PS 20 were hospitalized after drinking pink water out of the school's water fountains—which they said tasted sweet.