So, with Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz's dream of finding a perfect slogan for Brooklyn comes the reailty that there's no one slogan that's good enough for the borough. Instead, the borough will use a variety of civilian-suggested slogans for different campaigns. According to the Daily News, "the Brooklyn Tourism Partnership will use several slogans - which range from the classy ('Brooklyn: Bridge to the World') to the wacky ('Brooklyn: The Tenth Planet') and possibly risque ('Do It In Brooklyn') - for specific advertising campaigns." Hey, aren't there only eight planets?

Anyway, here were some of Gothamist's ideas:
Brooklyn: Brunch or Else
Brooklyn: Where Subway Missed Connections Are Made
Brooklyn: Manhattan Still Makes Fun of Me
Brooklyn: We Have Cooler Celebrity Couples!
Brooklyn: Only Babies or Dogs May Apply
Brooklyn: I Saw Marty Markowitz Yesterday!