Warren and Jackie Hance's three daughters were killed in 2009 when Warren's sister, Diane Schuler, drove a minivan for miles on the wrong side of the Taconic Parkway and slammed into another SUV. Besides the Hance girls, ages 5-8, Schuler and her 2-year-old daughter died, as well as the SUV's occupants, Michael Bastardi Sr., his son, Guy, and their family friend Daniel Longo. Only Schuler's son Bryan survived. Reports found that Schuler was drunk and high, but her husband has claimed she was not an alcoholic and thinks she had a stroke. Now Danny Schuler decided to sue Warren Hance, because it was Hance's car in the fatal crash.

Danny Schuler's lawsuit says that Hance, who received a call from his daughter during the ride saying "There's something wrong with Aunt Diane," is "vicariously liable." Schuler's lawyer told the Post, "As the attorney representing Bryan and Erin Schuler, I'm doing what needs to be done to protect their legal interests at this time." But even a private investigator previously hired by Schuler to delve into details of the incident, Thomas Ruskin, was aghast, "It's a terrible tragedy. His wife was drunk and high at the time of the accident that killed seven innocent people. You don't keep suing people." Schuler has also sued NY State, claiming the roads weren't kept properly.

Warren and Jackie Hance are expecting another child. Jackie Hance wrote in Ladies' Home Journal that the Bastardis have sued them for the crash, "By some horrible irony, Warren could be taken to court. While everything that mattered was already gone, everything that remained could still be taken."