2006_06_post.jpgIf you've been following the trial of Nicholas Minucci, who beat Glenn Moore to the point of Moore's skull fracturing, you'll find a NY Times "Reporter's Notebook: Cracked Knuckles, as Loud as Words" article interesting. The local color of the courtroom is described, from Minucci's demeanor to his relatives' support, plus Reverend Al Sharpton's offer to testify. But most interesting to us was elaboration on a point brought up last week - a photograph shown by the defense:

Hinting that Mr. Moore was grandstanding for his civil lawsuit, [Minucci's defense attorney Albert] Gaudelli asked him about leaving the hospital on the back of a motorcycle. When Mr. Moore denied this, Mr. Gaudelli pulled out a New York Post article from last summer with a photograph of a man wearing a helmet on a motorcycle. The caption calls it Mr. Moore returning home. Mr. Gaudelli smelled blood as Mr. Moore looked at the article.

"It's my younger brother," Mr. Moore said, causing his friends and relatives to murmur and applaud until quieted by court officers.

Outside court, Mr. Gaudelli told reporters, "I want to blame The New York Post for that."

Yeah, that's a good excuse - blame the tabloid. Anyway, a doctor who examined Moore testified last week that Minucci's beating has led Moore to suffer dementia.