2007_07_syphilis.jpgAccording to the Daily News, there were 260 new cases of the syphilis in NYC during the first quarter of 2007 compared with 128 cases during the same [period last year.

The Department of Mental Health and Hygiene says most infections occurred in gay men in Chelsea (10 were reported in women); Assistant Commissioner Dr. Susan Blank said, "We are seeing more of the serious outcomes of unsafe sex." The city rate - 7.2 cases per 100,000 citizens - has been generally high as of late: Last year's infection rate was greater than double the national rate. The Gay Men's Health Crisis tells the Sun that they will run advertisement to encourage syphilis screening.

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a spirochete, a spiral-shaped bacterium similar to the type that causes Lyme Disease. Though easily cured with penicillin, if untreated the disease can go on to cause severe neurological and cardiovascular complications.

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Post by Kapil Desai

Image of the Pox/Syphilis plush from Think Geek