Two Brooklyn synagogues have filed a lawsuit against the City of New York and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz over Markowitz's free summer concert series at Asser Levy Park in Brighton Beach. The suit contends that the concert series violates noise codes "which prohibit the use of electronic sound amplification equipment at any location within 500 feet of houses of worship during hours of worship." The synagogues are a mere 300 feet away!

The suit says, "In violation of the law, these concerts"—which include "Electronic sound amplification equipment," "sound-checks and rehearsals"—have coincided with the hours of worship of Plaintiff Congregation Sea Breeze Jewish Center and with the hours of worship of Plaintiff Congregation Temple Beth Abraham." Plaintiff Ida Sanoff said, "It is very sad that Mr. Markowitz has no compassion for the thousands of people whose community and quality of life will be hurt by his actions. He is unconcerned about flouting laws that protect the sanctity of religious institutions," while plaintiff Al Turk said, "We are not against concerts—just not right across the street from two synagogues... A year ago we met in good faith to negotiate with Mr. Markowitz but all he did was stone wall us. Our borough president is not above the law."

Markowitz, who is gearing up for the first concert on July 15 (Neil Sedaka and Brenda Lee!), told the Post, "The show will go on! I never would have thought that in my lifetime a Jewish synagogue would try to take away joy and happiness from tens of thousands of Brooklynites out of spite."