As Anthony Weiner continues to insist he has no reason to drop out of the mayoral race (polls aside), his post-Congressional resignation sexting partner Sydney Leathers thinks he needs to pack it in. Leathers, in a graphic interview with Howard Stern this morning, said that Weiner is too obsessed with sexting and phone sex to effectively lead, "How are you going to be mayor of New York City if you're c---ing five times a day?" (We suppose the Post is transcribing "coming" as "cumming.")

Leathers is in town with manager Gina Rodriguez (who also reps Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil and Joey Buttafuoco) after meeting with porn company Vivid Entertainment in L.A. Apparently Leathers is planning on doing a photo shoot outside of Weiner's Madison Square Park apartment building.

MarksFriggin has a thorough recap of the conversation between Leathers and Stern (Stern deemed her breasts "perfect"). For instance, "Sydney said that she was flattered that he trusted her enough to send [the dong shots] to her. She said that she can't believe that someone so book smart can be so stupid in real life. Sydney said that he told her that if the picture ended up anywhere that he'd know it was from her." Also: "Howard asked Sydney if Weiner ever talked about his wife or kid with her. Sydney said that he talked to her more about his cat than he did about his wife or child. She said that says a lot about the guy."

Leathers revealed that Weiner called her numerous times a day to have phone sex: "Sydney said he was a very clingy person. She said he would call her a bunch of times and it was just too much. She said that she was 22 at the time and he was getting upset about guys complimenting her on Facebook and things like that. She said it got really annoying." She added that he would get unhappy when other guys on Facebook would compliment her.

More fun/weird facts:

  • "Howard asked if she was thrown off by the Carlos Danger thing. She said she thought it was so fucking funny. She said that he never made her call him that or anything. Howard asked if that's his sexting name. She said that he made a fake email to use to text and email her. She said that he used it on a couple of accounts."
  • "One [caller] asked if Weiner ever asked to see shots of her making pee or poo. She said he never did. She said it was feet pictures and things like that."
  • "Howard asked if there's anyone else she would want to sex with. Sydney said that she would like to hate fuck Sarah Palin because she needs it. Howard asked if she'd have sex with Huma. Sydney said she would because she knows he needs it. She said she's there for Huma."

Leathers admitted to taking money from sugar daddies on the program—the Daily Mail published some exchanges where she bragged, "‘I’m seeing this one sugar daddy right now who pays me $1000 to go down on me for half an hour... He isn’t very good at it but I can fake it. Haha."