Last week, six schools were closed last week due to high numbers of students having swine flu-like symptoms. Now, teachers union the United Federation of Teachers says 18 other schools have had high numbers of absent students—and that the Health Department should monitor them for possible closure.

UFT spokesman Ron Davis wouldn't tell the Post the schools, "saying it would create a panic. When asked if not listing the schools would set off even bigger alarm bells by keeping parents in the dark, Davis responded, 'We don't view it that way.'" Davis pointed out that closing schools is a Health Department and Department of Education make the call on closings.

The wife of I.S. 238 principal Mitch Wiener, who is in serious condition with the swine flu, says he's making some progress. The Daily News reports that Wiener, who had kidney failure and was unable to take swine flu treatment due to pneumonia and other infections, is now undergoing experimental blood therapy. Bonnie Wiener, who criticized the city for not closing I.S. 238 faster, was cautious when speaking with the News, "Any progress will be slow. It's not dramatic, but he's going in the right direction. He's better today than he was two days ago."

As for the Rikers Island inmate with a possible case of swine flu, the Department of Correction says he entered the facility a month ago and was complaining of a cough and cold on Wednesday. Per MyFoxNY, the DOC "said the inmate only came into contact with about 70 other prisoners in two housing units at the center, all had been examined and none came down with the flu." Those 70 inmates were told not to plan visits from family and friends this weekend and the areas where the sick inmate had been have been sanitized.