Yesterday, the Health Department confirmed that an eighth New Yorker died of swine flu. The victim was over age 65 and had underlying conditions that made the flu more dangerous. The NY Times reports that the underlying conditions can "include being over 65 or under 2, having respiratory or immune system problems or being obese," (previously mentioned conditions also include heart disease, pregnancy, diabetes, kidney problems, blood disorders, emphysema, liver problems). Health Department spokeswoman Jessica Scaperotti said people with the flu and underlying conditions or severe symptoms should seek medical attention, "While most of New York City’s H1N1 deaths involve people with established risk factors, influenza can be fatal in otherwise healthy people." In other news, four assistant prosecutors at the Bronx DA's office may have swine flu—none of the cases is confirmed yet but the office is being cleaned—and an inmate at Rikers filed a notice of claim against the city, because of the swine flu-prompted lockdown in his area (it's unclear if he has swine flu).