A new breed of supercoyote (okay, not really, just some smart ones) are apparently swimming across state lines to eat the housecats of tiny Fisher's Island, on the eastern tip of Long Island Sound. Ten cats have already gone missing!

“We kept looking for him and calling for him and then we were told that there are these coyotes that I had heard about and that they liked cats and it was quite possible that they got him,” Fisher's Island resident Charles Kadushin said of his missing cat. Other residents at a recent community board meeting reported seeing coyotes all over the seven-mile island, and pet owners are being cautioned to keep their animals inside.

The coyotes are likely swimming over from the Connecticut shoreline, which is less than a mile away. A DEP official told CBS that the aquatic coyote theory was "possible" and that they may have come over to Fisher's Island on a floating ice floe last winter, which is terrifying and awesome all at once.