Among the Sandy-ravaged detritus still floating around Staten Island are someone's aging wedding photos, discovered moored on one couple's driveway following the nasty 2012 storm.

Dominick and Patricia Guinta found the photos outside their New Dorp home while they were cleaning up in the aftermath of the disaster. Thinking they might have been theirs, friends of the Guintas helpfully had the photos restored.

But when the Guintas paged through the album, they discovered some other, mysterious couple smiling back at them. Who were these people, with their '60s hair-dos and polished flower girls?

“I started looking at them and I’m like - that’s not my family, I’m like — and that’s not my husbands’ either,” Patricia Guinta told CBS New York, adding that this was not her beautiful house.

Now the couple is seeking the album's rightful owner. The station reports the wedding appears to have been held at St. Francis Xavier Church in Park Slope, and that's all they know so far. One woman claimed on the stations' Facebook page that the photos belong to her parents. "Patricia and Paul Kearns, the bride and groom, will be married 47 years this September," she wrote.

Is it true? How can we trust you, Erin Colleen, if that is in fact your real name? Are they also your wedding photos? We won't rest until this mystery is solved, or we get hungry and forget about it.