The two Swedish nationals arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman from Texas in a Midtown hotel room appeared in court yesterday. It turns out the Manhattan DA's office hasn't presented the case to a grand jury yet, so the pair have not been indicted yet. One of the defendants' lawyers said, "Your honor, the DA’s office is working very quickly on an investigation. I believe that at the end of that investigation that the charges will be dropped."

Last Saturday, police say that Niklas Adalberth and Jens Saltin attacked the woman in a hotel room at the W on Lexington Avenue, with Adalberth allegedly straddling the woman and grabbing her breasts while Saltin held her down. (Both men are accused of removing her clothes as well.) Adalberth is co-founder and COO of Klarna, a Swedish e-commerce payments startup which has $166 million in venture funding, while Saltin is a VP.

The lawyer who spoke is Andrea Zellan, who works for Benjamin Brafman, familiar to many as the man who defended Puff Daddy, Carl Kruger, Plaxico Burress and Dominique Strauss-Kahn. She told reporters, "The charges against both men are based on completely false allegations. Neither of the men accused did anything inappropriate, and they certainly did not commit a crime.”