New Yorkers' hearts and loins were lit aflame yesterday when it was revealed that four Swedish policemen broke up a fight between two homeless men onboard a 6 train this week. Locals were impressed with the visiting cops' quick action, calm competence, and decidedly tantalizing features. But back in Sweden, every citizen doubles as a literal model for the Courtesy, Professionalism, and Respect catalogue, and the cops' compatriots seem rather unfazed. Good thing their pageviews don't pay my rent!

The Post decided to interview a few actual Swedes to see if the Scandinavian nation planned to knight the cops, or give them free Malm dressers or something. But it appears no one cares. "When somebody does something good here, we give them cake and a medal. But it’s not really a big deal," Swedish officer Kia Samrell, who is lucky enough to work with one of the hot hero cops, told the tabloid.

Meanwhile, here in NYPD-weary New York, cops Eric Jansberger, Marcus Asberg, Samuel Kvarzell, and Erik Naslund are being treated like Adult One Direction, provided Harry Styles 'n Friends were adept at saving lives. First, they were given a backstage tour of the Broadway production of Les Miserables, which they were on their way to see when the fight broke out. Then, they were invited to meet Police Commissioner Bratton and NYPD Transit Cops, and everybody posed for photos.

It appears the Swedish cops have not yet returned home for their cake and medals, so please print out this post and my email address should you spot one of them in the wild.