Newsday reports that a subway elevator at 53rd Street and Lexington Avenue was stuck for more than a half-hour this morning as they were trying to get to the 6 train. Now, elevators do get stuck, but a couple factors make this seem like a scary ordeal to Gothamist. For starters, there eight people stuck, including a 9-month old baby. And the weather has been, how do you say, hellishly hot. And the subway was pretty new, just a few months old, so why the break down? The passengers managed to get out at the platform level, saying they were most worried about the baby's condition. An EMT worker told Newsday that the elevator could have been as hot as 150 degrees; God knows how hot it could have been in the midday afternoon. Note to self: Try not to use subway elevators (what we'll do at the subway stops that require subway use, like in Inwood, we don't know).

Here's what the MTA says about its subway and bus accessibility: There are 39 accessible subway stations and there is a hotline to call about elevator/escalator status (1-800-734-6772). And of course, this reminds us of the Chinese food delivery man who was trapped in a Bronx elevator for three days.