A SWAT team descended on a Long Island home yesterday afternoon after receiving a call from a man who claimed he killed his mother and brother. Instead, the 70 officers found an innocent mother with two sons who had no idea what had happened. Now Long Beach police believe the call was made by someone who lost a video game.

According to Newsday, "Police suspect the caller likely made the fake report after becoming upset during a game of Call of Duty against a 17-year-old opponent inside the house. [Long Beach Police Commissioner Michael Tangney] said investigators are trying to trace the origin of the call and considered the prank part of a wider and potentially dangerous trend called 'swatting.'" Tangney said, "This is really becoming a national epidemic for law enforcement."

The commissioner further explained, "When they're playing video games, if they lose during the game they try to get information on their opponents. If they do get the information, they call the police and identify themselves as that person and say that they killed somebody so that the police get this response."

Newsday reports that Maria Castillo, 54, who lives in the house with her two sons, "was making coffee in the kitchen when she saw officers on her front lawn with weapons drawn and screaming, 'Go! Go! Get out!' Her son Rafael Castillo, 17, was inside the house playing video games at the time and had his headphones on, she said."

Commissioner Tangney was pissed, telling reporters, "It's a tremendous waste of taxpayer resources, tremendous danger to law enforcement." He added the call was made to the department's regular phone number, versus 911 which is able to track calls. In addition, the caller used Skype.

If arrested, the other "Call of Duty" player could be charged with falsely reporting an incident and billed for a $100,000 emergency response, Newsday reports.