A 14-year veteran NYPD special victims unit detective was allegedly caught stealing jewelry from a Long Island home, and authorities believe he had been moonlighting as a thief for some time. Police tell the Daily News 39-year-old Rafael "Ray" Astacio was nabbed on June 3 after he and three accomplices were caught by Nassau county cops and FBI agents leaving with $2,500 in jewelry allegedly stolen from the home of Anastasios Matheos. "What a dirtbag," Matheos said of Astacio. "In a bag of potatoes there is always one bad one."

Matheos, who owns a diner, was at church while Astacio and the others allegedly gained entry through the back door. Astacio was released on $2,500 bail and was suspended without pay by the NYPD. In 2010 Astacio made over $100K plus overtime, and the Daily News notes the "shiny black Mercedes C300" parked in Astacio's "recently redone driveway."

We also learn that Astacio was "one of the original members of the NYPD's baseball team." Dump your terrible "stolen bases" jokes in the comments.