Svetlana AronovA body washed up in front of the Long Island restaurant, Water's Edge, and police seem to think it may be the it is confirmed it is the body of Svetlana Aronov, the rare books dealer who has been missing from the Upper East Side since March. She had been walking her dog, carrying a key and cellphone only.

The body was found wearing clothes consistent with those she was wearing, as well as a Cartier watch. NY Post: "The fact that the woman was found with her pricey watch all but rules out theories that she died in a robbery or professional hit, sources said. Thieves wouldn't have left behind her jewelry, and a hit man wouldn't have left behind anything that would help ID his victim, cops said."Body found in the East River; Photo - Daily News

The New York Times coverage gets its information from a website about Aronov, but Gothamist has yet to find it. Also, Daily News and Newsday coverage.

Water's Edge owner Marika Somerstein on the news. Somerstein had also owned Marika, the West 70th Street restaurant that flamed out spectacularly. Somerstein, from what Gothamist remembers, was a publicity hound.