Michael Cosentino let us know that there was a big accident with a car jumping a curb at Broadway between 39th and 40th Streets. There are news vans out there, but none of the local news channels have any reports yet (WNBC has a flashing ticker, but only says there are many pedestrian injuries). Did an SUV run amok when native New Yorkers were jaywalking? Or did a tourist wander in the street to cause the chaos? Was the driver distracted by a Times Square billboard? Or was it an out-of-towner with one handing holding a cell phone, which is in violation of state law? At any rate, we hope the injuries are not life-threatening. It's also unclear whether or not other pedestrians tried to beat the driver or any of the SUV's passengers as they did in an incident last October.

Photograph from Michael Cosentino's Flickr account