Yesterday morning, a crash between two SUVs led to a 59-year-old pedestrian's death on Staten Island. According to the Staten Island Advance, after a Chevy Tahoe and Subaru Forester collided, the impact sent the Tahoe onto the curb at Slosson Avenue at Windsor Road, and into Beata Kurpiewski and 3-year-old Philip Kurpiewski.

Kurpiewski, who lived in Brooklyn, had been walking Philip to his preschool. The Advance also says, "One of the two vehicles went through a steady red light, a law enforcement source said." Kurpiewski was pronounced dead at the hospital while her grandson is in stable condition. Betty Fawcett tells the Daily News that the crash "was a loud boom, like thunder. I thought something had hit the house." Kurpiewski was thrown into the street, "where Fawcett saw her lying in a puddle of water, with her umbrella at her side." Fawcett's husband Tom said, "[Emergency responders] were doing CPR on the lady, but it wasn't doing any good. It was very upsetting."

Another neighbor complained to the Advance, "It’s I-me-mine, me first, hurry up and wait. There’s no driver courtesy." And the principal of Philip's school confirmed, "At any given point of the day, it’s a very heavy area of traffic and people don’t pay attention to the light. They try to run the light." The SUV drivers, who are both in the hospital in stable condition, were not immediately charged.