A Lexus SUV jumped a curb and crashed into a store window at Broadway between 32nd and 33rd Streets. From WNBC:

A woman who works across the street from the crash scene told NewsChannel 4 that she saw the SUV run down a potted plant and swerve into the storefront. The woman said she saw one woman and one man who were unconscious, as well as someone with bandages on his head.

Three pedestrians were injured, one critically, plus the store employee who was hit by the window's glass, according to the AP. The driver, reported to be a male, was also taken to the hospital. Why do all the out of control car stories seem to be SUV-related lately?

In 2002, a NJ man drove into Herald Square pedestrians on two occasions, hitting a 19 people one day and then 7 people a few days later, during a crazy four day crime spree. Ronald Popadich pleaded guilty last year, getting another 25 years added to a murder sentence (he killed an ex-girlfriend).

Photograph of today's midtown accident by Seth Taylor - thanks