Some asshole decided to drive a SUV THROUGH A STEEL GATE, across a lawn and INTO A FRONT PORCH, hitting a couple sitting on their stoop last night. Mission accomplished, he then fled the scene on foot.

The incident occurred at the corner of DuMont Avenue and Hinsdale Street in Brownsville, Brooklyn. The couple was pinned against the wall—the 59-year-old suffered minor injuries while 60-year-old man suffered a broken leg. A friend of the couple told WCBS 2, "I was in the window when it happened. The guy opened the door of the truck, jumped out of the truck, and jumped out the front, and ran away," and said of the male victim, "I could see the bone sticking out of his leg."

The police tried to follow the driver, but weren't able to catch him; he remains at large. It appears he was not the owner of the car.