A building in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn was evacuated yesterday after an SUV crashed into it, and authorities say the driver was being chased by another car.

The crash happened at around 2:40 p.m., at 245 Marion Street at Howard Avenue. Witnesses say they saw the SUV smash into the building and tear a hole in it; the driver of the car had reportedly struck a Cadillac on Jefferson and Broadway earlier, and was allegedly trying to flee the scene. The Cadillac pursued him up until he lost control and crashed into the building. "When I was by my room, it was just a big loud noise," Keanu Williams, a resident of 245 Marion Street, told NBC News. "We had to climb through the window to get out."

Witnesses say they saw the Cadillac's pull the driver of the SUV out of his car and stomp on him. "The guy was saying, 'I should kill you right now,'" Sherman Oakley, the owner of the building, told the Post. The FDNY evacuated 16 people, who are currently being assisted with temporary housing until the full extent of the building's damage can be assessed. "It compromised some of the front of the building. You can see that," Battalion Chief Michael Lee told NY1. "It hit a post down low, and it caused some of the brickwork in the front to sag." The FDNY says one man was sent to Kings County Hospital with injuries, but his condition is currently unknown; the driver of the SUV, a man in his 60s, was reportedly charged with driving with a suspended license and fleeing the scene of a crime.