The Times recently rode shotgun with some S.U.V. clubs in NYC. Yes, S.U.V. clubs—apparently they're a thing, and there are dozens of them in the boroughs, where working class S.U.V. owners bond over their gas guzzling status symbols. They also do a lot of community service, organizing charity events and family-oriented block parties. Strawberry, a member of the Trucked Out Divas, says she'll never forget the day she spotted a line of trucks emblazoned with the logo of Big Boyz, Brooklyn’s first S.U.V. club: "One day, I’m going to be Big Girl. And now look at me! Now, they get out of my way." According to the eye-opening profile, their message to youths is this: "You can drive an enormous customized S.U.V. with a posse of tough-looking comrades and project power and wealth without being a drug dealer." And burn excessive amounts of gas at the same time! Asked about rising fuel costs and that inconvenient global warming situation, Scott Killiebrand, the vice president of the Escalade Krown Holdaz, declares, "I don't care how high gas prices go. I'm always going to buy an Escalade." And, after the jump, see an amazing video of an Escalade Krown Holdaz vehicle.