2006_09_fire.jpgHmm, were some fires at an almost completed synagogue in Williamsburg actually a message? A new Satmar headquarters is being built at Ross Street and Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, and the Post reports that two suspicious early morning fires occured there. The new synagogue happens to be right next to Satmar Grand Rebbe Zalmen Teitelbaum's house, and one thing that fire marshals cannot ignore is that many supporters of Zalmen's brother Aron, a grand rebbe in Orange County, believe Aron is the true Grand Rebbe. The two brothers and their respective sects had been feuding over who would be the next Grand Rebbe, and ultimately Zalmen was successful in saying the will of his father the Grand Rebbe Moshe Teitelbaum named him the successor. Wikipedia has quick look at the feud.

Gothamist was on the scene Grand Rebbe Moshe Teitelbaum's funeral, which started just hours after his death in April.