Concerned relatives of 76-year-old Cora Davis had not heard from her in two days, so they went to check on her at her East Harlem apartment at the Wagner Houses on East 124th Street. When they opened the woman's bedroom door, they found her grandson, 21-year-old Larry Davis, having sex in her bed with an unidentified 20-year-old woman. Cora Davis was nowhere to be found, and an argument ensued, with one family member demanding to know, "Where's Grandma?"

Davis ran off, and the police were summoned; they searched the apartment and found Cora's body "crammed" in the closet of the bedroom where her grandson had been fornicating just minutes earlier. The body was hidden under a pile of clothes and sources say tell the Daily News that investigators "found signs of hemorrhaging around Davis' eyes that suggest she may have been strangled."

Larry Davis has a rap sheet that includes drug possession and assault, and the News finds that his grandmother also had an order of protection against him. "It's just a horrible thing because she was a lovely lady," said her close friend Dorothea Sadler, 81. "She didn't bother anybody." At this hour, police are on the lookout for L.D., who has almost certainly eliminated himself from the running for any World's Greatest Grandson awards.