A Brooklyn duo were arrested for attempting to kidnap a 15-year-old girl last week, police said.

Raymond Ortiz, 60, and Delgria Lynch, 33, are being charged with second-degree attempted kidnapping, second-degree harassment, and endangering the welfare of a child, police said.

According to a police spokesperson, a gray BMW SUV approached the girl when she was walking on 19th street in Sunset Park on September 22nd. Lynch tried to talk to the girl, while Ortiz got out of the vehicle and tried to get her into the car, surveillance video released by police show.

Cops say Ortiz then grabbed the girl's arm and tried to force her into the car, but she was able to break free and flee the location.

The victim's mother told ABC 7 that Lynch was "very kind and chatty, and she says, 'Hi, I really love your dress. Where did you get it? I would like to get one myself,'" before Oritz allegedly tried to force her daughter into the car.

A police spokesperson said Ortiz has been arrested 18 times for drug, prostitution, and forgery.