The three 18-year-old and one 25-year-old arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in Central Park early Sunday morning were released today. The Post reports, "To the frustration of cops and prosecutors, four young sex suspects are going free in the coming days -- because the women they're accused of attacking have emotional or drug issues too severe for them to testify credibly."

Robert Gonzalez, Kelvin Dalrymple and Shawn Martinez were charged with attempted rape and sexual assault (Gonzalez also faced a robbery charge). The fourth suspect, Taurean Williams, 25, was also named; he has a history of allegedly luring women to a West 153rd Street rooftop and attacked them: "Prosecutors said at his arraignment [for a second attack] that Williams put on a condom and twice attacked the terrified woman -- and that between the two attacks he forced her to let him defecate in her mouth."

It seems that the victim, a 23-year-old woman who lives in a Bronx homeless shelter, met them at a party (she initially said they met her at a bus stop and offered to take her across the park). Sources say the victim's memory was "severely clouded by the PCP, or angel dust, all four of them had taken that night." A law enforcement source tells the Post, "We think all of these guys are bad guys. And as an investigator you want to put these kind of people away. But someimes you can't make a case. You can't go in front of a jury with these victims and get a conviction."