Yesterday, the police arrested two men in connection with the shooting of Pace University student Max Moreno, who was killed in his apartment at 2 Gold Street last month. Brooklyn resident Raymond Rizzo, 30, was charged with murder, while East Village resident Randy Colon, 30, was arrested in Pennsylvania and is being extradited to NYC.

Police say that Moreno was a pot dealer and was fatally shot by two men who barged into his apartment and demanded money. (It's also been suspected the couple Moreno had been smoking pot with before the killing may have set him up.) The Daily News reports that Rizzo, "who has a slew of priors for drug-related charges," allegedly "pumped one round into Moreno's head" before he and Colon left the building with a lock box.

Moreno's friends denied that the killing had anything to do with drugs; one Pace student at a vigil for Moreno told the Tribeca Tribune, "It's a misrepresentation in the press."