2005_09_subwayperv.jpgDan Hoyt, the East Village man suspected of masturbating on the subway only to have a rider cameraphone his picture and put it online which then made him a front page story on the Daily News, surrendered to the police yesterday. However, he claimed his innocence saying, "I didn't do anything," as he was paraded out in Columbus Circle. When Gothamist watched the local news coverage of this, it looked as though he was leaving the Columbus Circle subway station, making us wonder if someone else spotted him underground, but he was actually just on his way to Central Booking. Four women picked Hoyt out of lineups as being, as the Post calls him, the "self-touching rider," and he was charged with four counts of public lewdness. Thao Nguyen, who took the photograph that launched dozens of complaints about Hoyt, says she hopes he gets jail while employees at Quintessence, the restaurant he co-owns, had no comment. Hoyt's previous public lewdness arrest resulted in community service.

Image by WNBC