The next few days are going to be filled with the police's near-misses with suspected sex attacker Peter Braunstein, aren't they? After sightings in Chelsea and Queens, a Court Street coffee shop owner says Braunstein ordered some coffee even with a police van outside. John Arena, of Bococa's Cafe, tells reporters:

"I knew right away. We both gave each other the same vibe. We looked at each other like, 'You know who I am.' I looked at him like I saw a ghost. He caught on right away. He knew I knew who he was."

Then Arena ran to look at a newspaper to check the latest tabloid photo of Braunstein, and then contacted the police. And bloodhounds led police (and police helicopters) to a brownstone at 364 Henry Street, but no one was found there. Naturally, Cobble Hill residents are freaking out.

Braunstein's mother said that he is suicidal and may be dead, but his father "scoffed" at the idea; the Daily News reveals father Alberto Braunstein's observation: "Selfish people do not commit suicide." And other baristas out there, read up on the tabs and please note: Braunstein takes his coffee with milk and sugar.