2005_12_cleveland.jpgThe man suspected of attacking a former coworker has been spotted in Cleveland. According to America's Most Wanted, Peter Braunstein traveled to Cleveland (NYC to Hoboken to Newark then a bus!) in early November, telling people he was a movie producer or writer from LA, visiting strip clubs, placing ads in the Cleveland Plain Dealer looking for a driver, and calling himself "Peter Bronson." Braunstein was spotted in Brooklyn in mid November, which is possible since police are unsure of his whereabouts after November 10-11 (seen at a bus station in Columbus, OH).

The Post notes that Braunstein taunted an Andy Warhol friend, photographer Nat Finkelstein, by saying it had been a while since Finkelstein was in the NY Post; Finkelstein immediately determined that Braunstein was a crackhead. Plus, Braunstein is suspected of making "menacing" phone calls to an ex-girlfriend, by using disposable cell phones in recent weeks. Hopefully he won't hurt anyone else, but there is no way this story can end well.