2007_04_march.jpgThe man police believe raped and tortured a Columbia graduate student last week for 19 hours was arrested last night. Police officers saw Robert Williams trying to break into a building in Hollis, Queens and was taken to the 103rd Precinct, where he was recognized from a police sketch released earlier this week.

So far, Williams has only been charged with burglary but remains in custody as the Queens police sent him to Manhattan for questioning. The Daily News and Post go over Williams's long criminal history, including an alleged murder at age 15, a robbery arrest in 1990, shooting someone in 1996, and a fight at the Union Square L station that left someone with a broken wrist.

The 23-year-old victim is undergoing surgery; the rapist slit her eyelids. The Daily News says the woman, who is scheduled to graduate from Columbia's Journalism School next month, lives in a building a few blocks away from Williams' father's house.

Last night, the Columbia community held a Take Back the Night march that drew 600 participants. Given the recent rape, many news organizations were present, which upset some participants. One Barnard student told the Columbia Spectator, "It is ridiculous.... There are girls literally breaking down and they're trying to get interviews during the march."

There is also a Sexual Assault Yearly Speak Out organized by the NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault today at Union Square Park.

Photograph of the Take Back the Night event by Linda Carrion/Columbia Spectator