The man suspected of fatally stabbing a man who bumped into him outside the James Farley Post office was found dead in a Philadelphia apartment yesterday—and he left a suicide note on MySpace: "I started to get defensive I told the man keep it moving no problems but if u leap I’m gonna fuck you up not gonna lie didn’t mean to kill him just wanted to stop the threat."

The Daily News has the full note from Sirmone McCaulla. He also complains that the media and police probably won't bring up how he "almost got stabbed to death meeting a friend after school on 59th st but that wont be mention nether because the need to make the public feel safe I was robbed at gun point blocks away from my house down the block from the police station and while coming home from a job interview I was on 51st st sitting on the steps waiting for the train reading a book when I was randomly attacked and the police at first tried to arrest me cause they couldn’t believe that I was reading a book when it happen cause I guess I don’t look like the reading type but then someone brought some of my things and the book that they swore I wasn’t reading to the police station down the block so my mind state is when someone is tryin to hurt me I get defensive."

Police say that McCaulla stabbed 20-year-old Christopher Gutierrez on Sunday afternoon. Surveillance video showed they had an altercation, with Gutierrez getting into a fighting stance but McCaulla pulled out a knife.