Looks like Lindsay Lohan isn't the only criminal who's getting special treatment these days. Right before going to jail for killing his wife on July 5th, Johnny Concepcion left New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center with a brand new liver. His old one was ruined after he tried to kill himself with rat poison.

Concepcion admitted to killing his wife after witnesses saw him fleeing their home, where she was found stabbed 15 times. He was found after family got a text message from him saying, "To the members of the family, I hope you can forgive me," and brought to the hospital to be treated for liver failure. And though he was arrested at the hospital and charged with murder and weapons possession, officials say social factors don't measure into the decision of whether or not to give someone an organ. Anne Paschke, spokeswoman for the United Network of Organ Sharing, said, "The system is designed to save as many people as possible."

There are 309 patients on the liver-transplant list at New York-Presbyterian hospital alone, some of whom have been on the list for over five years. Doctors determine "status" on the list after physical and psychological tests, but both family members and others waiting for transplants are appalled at the hospital's decision to move Concepcion to the front of the line. Kerry Sullivan has been waiting over a year for a liver, and isn't allowed on the main transplant list because he has a type of liver cancer that doesn't count as a disease. He told the Post Concepcion's transplant was "a waste of an organ. It's ludicrous. Not only did they give it to a killer, but a suicidal killer." Sullivan must continue to wait for a cadaver liver or find his own living donor.

Concepcion's wife's mother, Maria, said, "There are children on the waiting lists, people who work hard. And this guy who killed my daughter, who killed the mother of his children, then tried to take his life, gets priority over them? It doesn't seem fair." Concepcion and his fancy new liver are due back in court on August 11th.