Jack Rhodes, who was arrested last week for allegedly beating up two elderly women in March, has been transfered to Rikers Island where corrections officials are trying to keep him safe. Rhodes is left in his own cell for 23 hours, except for an hour of exercise while a guard "shadows" him. According to the Daily News, a police sources says the private cell is because many prisoners "would like to take a pop at him."

The police have to bring him back to the 109th Precinct last week, because of safety concerns if he waited for his arraignment at the Queens Criminal Court. Well, that's what happens when one of the attacks on 101-year-old Rose Morat was caught on film and when Morat (pictured) has proved a spunky and inspirational fighter.

Newsday had a fascinating article about some Queens residents who waited hours, along with the media, to catch a glimpse of Rhodes. Some wanted to take their own pictures of the suspected granny-basher, explaining, "I want to see the face of a monster - of somebody who could do this to an old lady," and ""I wanted to capture a picture like one of the newsmen because it's dated so I can say I was there."