Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau revealed details of the charges against the CBS producer accused of extorting David Letterman for $2 million—and added, "The message of this indictment should be clear. New York City will not tolerate the coercion or extortion of anyone, be the victim rich or poor, famous or anonymous." That's a good policy!

Robert "Joe" Halderman, who works at the investigative news program "48 Hours" (which suspended him), allegedly told Letterman in a note that his "world is about to collapse around him" if he didn't pay $2 million to keep details of the talk show host's relationships with female Late Show employees quiet. The note also referred to Letterman's "beautiful loving son" and his "ruined reputation and severe damage to his professional and family lives."

While Halderman's alleged motives are not known, speculation is that his hefty child support payments—TMZ says that when he divorced Patty Montet in 2004, he was "required to pay $6,800 a month in child and spousal support for three years. That amount was reduced to $5,966.66 in May 2007." Halderman had reportedly been living with former Letterman assistant Stephanie Birkitt until recently—and Birkett apparently had an affair with Letterman. Gawker reports that she "received extra compensation for duties as his First Assistant, in the form of Letterman picking up the tab for her graduate law studies at the Yeshiva University Law School" and her "duties included nannying work around the office. She could often be seen playing with his son and chasing him through the office halls."

Halderman has pleaded not guilty to "attempted grand larceny in the first degree."