The police have arrested a suspect in the series of sexual attacks in the East Village and Lower East Side. Twenty-year-old Harlem resident Asuncion DeJesus-Garcia was charged with sex abuse, burglary, robbery, assault and criminal possession of stolen property.

There have been four attacks on women in the East Village and Lower East Side during June and July with similar M.O.'s: In the early morning, a man would wait for women to enter their apartment buildings, walk up behind them, put them in a chokehold, and assault them. Three of the four victims picked DeJesus-Garcia out of a line-up, and he was charged for the crimes that took place on June 12 on the 100 block of Mott Street, July 7 on the 200 block of First Avenue, and July 13 on East 12th and Avenue A.

The Post reports that a witness spotted DeJesus-Garcia in the in the Lower East Side yesterday. The Post also calls him a "puny 5-foot-3, 125-pound punk."