Philip Markoff, the medical student suspected of killing a NYC woman he met on Craigslist in a Boston hotel room, was indicted by a grand jury yesterday. According to the Boston Globe, prosecutors say in the April 14 killing of Julissa Brisman, as well as two other robberies of women he met via Craigslist, Markoff "allegedly used disposable cellphones and temporary e-mail addresses to make appointments, then used plastic ties and duct tape to bind his victims." Prosecutors also revealed that the 9mm gun used to kill Brisman was "purchased in a New Hampshire gun shop in February under [Andrew] Miller's name, though prosecutors found Markoff's fingerprint on paperwork filed with the purchase." Miller's license was found in Markoff's car when he was arrested; investigators do not think Miller was involved in the crimes. The 22-year-old will be arraigned today on charges including first-degree murder, armed robbery and armed kidnapping.