Federal and local authorities have raided a Long Island apartment complex in what's being called a "major drug bust." At least 15 have been arrested—many of them suspected members of the Bloods—in Rockville Centre.

According to the FBI, the gang "has been controlling the crack cocaine and heroin trade in the area." WCBS 2 reports, "The courtyards behind the apartment complex, according to police, were known as 'Iraq'and the drug-dealing suspects were known as 'The Taliban.'"

Rockville Centre Police Commissioner Chuck Gennario said, "We’ve had armed robberies. We’ve had shootings. We’ve had two homicides and an attempted homicide in the last three years. We have other individuals we’ve arrested for homicides. We’ve taken four homicide suspects out of here in the last year. This morning was the result of a narcotics investigation. These people have been dealing drugs in this community and in the surrounding communities for quite a long time."