2005_11_braunstein3.jpgThe Post isn't pulling out any of the stops with its coverage of suspected rapist Peter Braunstein. The police found a "scenario that almost perfectly matched the home-invasion crime" last week where he disguised himself as a firefighter to attack a woman in Chelsea on his computer. The computer had been seized from him earlier this year when he was arrested from stalking an ex-girlfriend, and it was that ex-girlfriend who told the police she suspected Braunstein in the Halloween attack. This story, which mentioned the disguise, setting a fire, and using chloroform to subdue the victim, enabled the police to get a search warrant. Then there was the insane diatribe/pitch to an editor at Rolling Stone posted on Gawker yesterday and news that in 1981, when he was a student at Kew Forest High School, Braunstein broke into a female classmate's apartment, where her father found him going through her things. And Hank Azaria was attending Kew Forest at the same time! There's a Hollywood connection after all.